About Panic

Hello my name is Panic Kode or Panic for Short!

I have been a Coder since my first MSdos Computer at the age of 8. With my First lines of code were just to launch my favorite game Reader Rabbit with just one command. Since that moment when I learned how to Write my own code as see it work right away I was hooked. I ended up breaking that Computer 11 Times!

Since then I have worked on many projects along the way and learned many coding languages and tools to achieve my goals.

For the past Three years I have been focoused into javascript, Node and Discord Commuinity Development!
Ill end with my favorite Quote: "You Manage Things, You Lead People!"

Development History

I have worked with many languages and platforms over the years so below I have generalized my experience. I have been involved with many types of Code, Services, Tools, and Software throughout the years so please contact me if you require information not listed below.

C#, C++, Shell
SQL, MySql, JS
NodeJS, ArcJS, Html, PHP

Development Types
Game Modding
Backend Statistic Software
Network Administration
Data Management
Game Intigration Software
AI Predictive Text
Aggrigate User management
Code Injection
Automation Development
Game Server/Commuinity Management

Current Focus
Discord Community Development
Discord Bot/Api Development
Minecraft Modding/Intigration
Discord Engament tool Development

This is just general overview of my experience in the development field and please feel free to contact me if you have additional questions.