Welcome to PanicCorp.

Posted by Panic | May-20-2022

Welcome to the Project and Company Website for Panic Kode.
Here at PanicCorp we Develope a range of Tools, Intigrations, Websites and Backend Management Software.
Take a look arround the site and contact us if you have any questions or requests!
Some Parts of this Site are Under Development.


Posted by Panic | Aug-15-2022

Pixel-Pro Has launched.
Pixel-Pro is a new Gaming Community dedicated to providing a unique gaming experience for the latest and best Games!
!Recently Released Pixelmon Minecraft Mod!
Check out Pixel-Pro Today at thier website: Pixel-Pro.ca

Omega Discord Bot

Posted by Panic | July-10-2022

Omega Beta Launched
We are currently looking for beta testers for our brand new Omega Bot.
PanicCorp has developed this bot to help with Discord moderation, Integrate a Custom User/Guild System to add some Unique Gaming and Party Features.
Check out Omega Today: Ī©MEGA

Support Force Discord

Posted by Panic | Nov-8-2021

Join Support Force
We are the world's first multi platform support discord server trying to get everyone to cross those platforms and Support the Support. We are a community of many different types of people and content creators. We recognize all the different social platforms and types of content.
Join The Discord Today: SupForce

Closed Bot Project (CBP)

Posted by Panic | Oct-18-2020

CBP Developed for Support Force
Closed Bot Project is a suite of bots that were developed to work with the growing needs of Support Force. It has User tracking, Boosting, Ranking and Many More Features.
CBP is a Propritary Project. Check out SupForce for more info!